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My Biggest Week With Express

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My Biggest Week With Express

It’s not every day you hear a Franchisee has made $6,000 in one week, but that’s exactly what happened recently to Greg, our Express Lawn Mowing and Gardening Franchisee in South Australia. At 61 years of age, the Express superstar officially had his best week ever with the company. We caught up with Greg in the Support Office to share his success.

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Greg, how long have you been with Express?

Two and a half years.

What were you doing “life before Express”?

I have a background in finance and for the past 19 years I worked for a very successful financial planning company.

What made you decide to get involved in an Express franchise?

I actually saw an ad on Google! After long hours working in an office I was ready to get into an outdoor environment.

When I had a look at Express Lawn Mowing and Gardening, it was such a good opportunity to get outside, get fit and to be active and healthy while building a business.

Tell us about the best week you’ve recently had?

It was a combination of residential and commercial jobs that all fell into place. I am a big believer in being multi-skilled in our roles, for example it helps to know how to lay artificial turf, natural turf and install irrigation systems. I did all these different jobs, learning along the way. I made sure I made the most of every opportunity to learn and grow.

Do you find prospecting helpful?

Yes, absolutely. Word of mouth, referring friends and family, handing out business cards, and having solid referral sources are all crucial to building a successful business. I’ve made numerous relationships with real estate companies that refer business.

What do you love about your job?

I absolutely love the satisfaction of finishing a job and my greatest reward is seeing the smile on my client’s face. Being outdoors is such a big plus for me as I spent a large part of my career in finance in an office environment. Working my own hours is great too! I can schedule my work to fit around time with my friends and family.