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From Employee to Franchisee: Stop Being Just A Number

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From Employee to Franchisee: Stop Being Just A Number

Four years ago, Bruce Berg was a top performing account manager, working for massive brands such as Cadbury and Schweppes. Although he was climbing the corporate ladder, he was getting further away from the work/life balance he craved. After being made redundant twice, he was sick of being ‘just a number’ and considered franchising but found himself taking on a role at Taylor’s Wines instead. He only lasted three months before he knew for sure it was time to take control of his own life.

Bruce Berg Express Business Group

“I was working long hours, working on Saturday evenings and I was missing out on spending time with my family. I’d come across Express when I’d initially looked into franchising and I just knew it would give me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do,” Bruce said.

For Bruce, investing in an Express Test and Tag franchise wasn’t just about living in the moment, but he was also planning for his future.

“I didn’t want to start a business that I knew was going to break my body, I wanted something that I could do at my own pace and with Express Test and Tag, I can see myself working into my 50’s, 60’s and even my 70’s,” Bruce said.

Not only does Bruce now have the security he lacked in the corporate world, but he also has a newfound motivation to go to work every day knowing that what he does matters. “When I was an employee, if I didn’t go to work one day, the wheels kept spinning. Now, I thrive off the responsibility of knowing that I make a difference each day. When you’re a franchise owner, you are the driving force of your business,” Bruce said.

After just six months of owning his Express franchise, Bruce decided to invest further and purchased a Regional Master Franchise so he could pass on his knowledge and experience, not just in franchising but also in sales. In recognition of his outstanding performance, he has recently taken on the role of state trainer for NSW Test and Tag. “By helping other franchisees be successful, this in turn made my region successful. Just last month I invested in my second region and I now support seven franchisees in the area,” Bruce said.

express business group test and tag

It didn’t take long for Bruce to replace the income he was earning while working 30-40% less hours. In August alone, he turned over $13,000 which was a combination of bringing in new business and working with his existing clients to keep up their compliance.

Although Bruce said he could do without a massive income, he ultimately just wants to be able to do something to suit his lifestyle. “My family life has improved no end. I used to be away for days at a time, now I do the school drop off and get to take my kids to their sporting games and dance rehearsals. You can earn as much money as you want, but if you don’t get to enjoy that lifestyle with your kids and your wife, it’s not worth it.”

Express Business Group is now in it’s sixth year of operation, but has quickly jumped to the top of ladder when it comes to affordable and achievable franchising solutions. Bruce has grown alongside the company and is proud of the direction it’s heading. “Express use the slogan ‘we love what we do‘ and this fits me to a tee. I enjoy getting out of bed every day, I enjoy doing test and tag and training new franchisees. Yesterday I was out helping a franchisee in my region quote on a job for 1,200 tags and today I was out on the green at a charity golf day … you wouldn’t get this anywhere else, and that’s why I love what I do.”


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